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  The Story

The story of a so-called criminal. Although this work is fiction, it is based on fact. The rumors in England at the time were that the fate of deportation to Australia was a terrible fate. Henry, and those who care about him, believe the rumors.

Henry is sent there, but discovers opportunities, even for convict labor. He sends for his sweetheart, marries and establishes a home stead of his own. During the story, they discover a new home. Part of the experience is establishing a sense of place.

Why Australia?

The musical AUSTRALIA! is multi-leveled. It deals with historical fact - in terms of being educational. It has the emotional impact of a love story. It has the charm necessary for a child audience, but most of all - it deals with patriotism.

What is patriotism and how does it develop? The children of Henry and Jenny are the ones who tell this story of loyalty by explaining to their parents that Australia is, "our country, our land, - where we were born." marketing material
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