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  Australia! - The Musical by C. Kelly Lohr Completes Preview Performance

AUSTRALIA! is a love story between people, the land and its unusual inhabitants.

The musical, created by C. Kelly Lohr, introduces a new voice in music with a theatrical piece that is modern in approach, yet not abstract. This multi-leveled work has a strong, fast moving story line that involves audiences in its positive outlook.

Australia! The Musical Draws on Iowa, and International Talent

L. Marshall      
It’s a ripple affect that spans the oceans - literally. That’s how the musical, AUSTRALIA! is described by the dozens who are involved with its production.

C. Kelly Lohr (known by most of us as Chris), its creator and producer, explains its a production that draws heavily on Iowa talent, mostly from small towns. "We are considering running a van along the highway 30 corridor to pick up cast members. Some of them are coming from a long distance to play in the musical.

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